Mrs. BowieMrs. Marie Thomason Bowie, a local benefactor and heir to the 800 acre Bowie farm in Iva, SC, made a decision in the mid-1990’s to leave her property for public use, outdoor education, conservation and recreational purposes.  She formed the Thomason Bowie Foundation to administer the property and later placed the farm in a land trust with Upper Savannah Land Trust.  She constructed 2 picnic pavilions, walking and horseback riding trails, a lighted rodeo arena, a fellowship barn, and an old farm museum to support her plan.  In 2005 she donated 34 acres on Parker Bowie Rd. to the Iva Recreation Association for an athletic complex.  The Iva Rec. group and Anderson County have completed phase 1 of this complex with 4 ball fields and parking facilities.

In early 2007, a small group of local retired farmers gathered to discuss working with Mrs. Bowie and the Thomason Bowie Foundation to help utilize her property to help preserve the history, farming methods, and family life of our ancestors.  A 501c3 non-profit corporation called the Bowie Old Farm Reunion, Inc. was formed for this mission.  We hold monthly meetings and conduct a Bowie Old Farm Show the fourth Saturday in September each year.  Our group has grown to about 50 members and we are eager to expand.  We invite you to join in our efforts.